When choosing a cellulite product you don’t just want to reduce the appearance of your cellulite- Look for an advanced formula like Trucella™ that also helps visibly smooth and tone skin!


You may also want to make sure that whatever cellulite product you use it is shown to have clinical data to help reduce the appearance of cellulite safely and effectively. You will find that Trucella™ is just that product. Not only is it clinically proven, it is also Dermatologist tested and contains safe ingredients for daily application to the skin without causing irritation.


Trucella™ is formulated to help with the appearance of cellulite during any of the four progressive stages listed below:



Grade 1: Symptoms or visual appearance may not be noticeable at this stage. By pinching your skin together with your fingers you may notice a wrinkling effect during this stage. At this stage the skin’s dermis is starting to break-down or deteriorate slowly. As the upper part of the skin starts loosing capillaries the fat cells begin to attract lipids, then fluids start to build-up and tissues retain excess water.


Grade 2: Your skin will have less elasticity and lumps “orange peel or cottage cheese effect” can be seen during the pinch test. The cellulite is still unnoticed while standing. The dermis is continuing its deterioration with more accumulation of lipids and water retention.


Grade 3: The cellulite areas may now become pronounced to others. Dermal layer is starting to thin.


Grade 4: At this state the lumps and bumps are really noticeable whether you are standing, laying down, or stretching out. The fat cells now have accumulated a hardened protein shell around them and this is what causes cellulite to be so apparent.­


Both men and women are affected by cellulite. Covering these areas of concern can sometimes be difficult, or limit our clothing choices in certain seasons when wearing shorts or a bathing suit is appropriate for the weather. If you are ready to tackle the appearance of your cellulite and help your skin look and feel significantly firmer, tighter, and toned then you want to use Trucella™ Today! Watch as Trucella™ starts to transform the appearance of your cellulite within a few weeks of twice daily, as directed applications. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply Trucella™ twice daily, for a continuous eight weeks.



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